I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley and have lived my whole life in District 12. My grandparents came to the district in 1961 and opened a house painting business. I grew up hearing stories from my grandfather about when he painted Elvis' house or the time he worked at Barbara Stanwick's Estate in Porter Ranch. As a teenager, I started working with him over the summers.  Sanding walls out in the valley during the summer will teach you about the value of hard work!

I was fortunate to have a hardworking family, but the toughest person growing up was my mom. For a time, she was a single mother and I never once heard her complain. In fact, some of my favorite memories are from that time; like going to the old outdoor Winnetka drive-in and watching a movie in the back of our Chevy with a blanket.  My mom eventually married my step-dad who is a  Marine and started his own garage door business. To this day, he still lifts heavy wooden doors all by himself; amazing!

All of my education has taken place in the district (including Vintage Elementary in North Hills, Nobel Middle School in Northridge, and Granada Hills High School). I graduated from California State University, Northridge (CSUN) with a Bachelor’s Degree in History, and an emphasis in American and Western History. I currently work in the entertainment industry and starting a small business as a personal trainer and fitness consultant.

Playing sports formed a huge part of my youth. I started playing baseball at Mission Hills Little League and soon went undefeated in an All-Star team. From joining a team at Northridge Park, a traveling team called the Northridge Knights, and playing all through high school, I eventually made my varsity team at Granada Hills High School; I loved it all!  I also picked up basketball in high school and became a basketball coach at Northridge Park and at after-school programs for Youth Services.

My first job was at the Chuck E. Cheese off of San Fernando Mission and Woodley. There, I earned $4.25 per hour, but I soon went on to earn the big bucks at Big 5 off of San Fernando and Balboa where I made $5.15 an hour.  After I graduated CSUN, I worked with Youth Services for schools in Granada Hills and Chatsworth and then finally went onto work in the entertainment industry.

All of my best memories are here in the district.